Smart Choice of Small Business Ideas for Teens 2017

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Small Business Ideas for Teens | Having your own business is great. In addition to make money, a sense of pride will also appear. No rule starting a business should wait for the age of mature / adult / old. As a teenager, you can start your affairs.

Is it possible? The answer is, it is very possible. Precisely starting a business from a young age will open more opportunities and success. Youth is full of zeal, and if directed to positive things, it will produce something that is also extraordinary. So what are you waiting? If indeed you have a strong intention and desire to start your own business, immediately realize and achieve!

small business ideas for teens
small business ideas for teens

If you want to know the leading figures who succeed at a young age, see the founder and owner of social networking site Facebook. He can be successful as it now also starts from a high intention and struggle. Indeed nothing is easy and instant; all require effort and sacrifice. But reassure yourself that you can do it.

There are many options for Small business ideas for teens that you can choose. Moreover, in the era of all sophisticated as it is today, guaranteed more and more business opportunities that you can choose. With the support of the internet, almost everything that was once impossible to do now can be done.

Well, if you are currently a teenager and planning to start your own business and still feel confused about what business you want to choose, here I will attach some :

Small business ideas for teens

Sell on eBay

Trading is one of the easiest ways to earn money/profits. Anyone can easily do the buying and selling process. So even with you, you can do it.

Well, as a teenager who grew up in the modern era and sophisticated as it is today, it is reasonable if you glance at the opportunity to sell goods by utilizing technology.

One of the world’s leading marketplaces is eBay. You can sell your merchandise here. It may take a little capital or even no capital if you sell someone else’s property.

You just need to register on eBay by existing procedures. Make sure, at least you are 18 when you register and want to sell items on eBay.

How? If your trading soul is strong enough, you will quickly find items that can be sold and profitable. Good luck!

Selling handicrafts

Hey, do you have an incredible talent for making something unique from crafts? If yes, hmm you deserve to be happy. Why? Want to know the answer? If your work is good enough, you can sell it. By selling the handicrafts of your own, of course, you will benefit.

There is no harm in trying. If you can maximize this opportunity, do not rule out the results of your handicrafts will be famous and the longer it has more and more enthusiasts, and the price will soar, and you will be rich when young.

High fantasy may be okay, but your feet should still be on the ground. All will be beautiful in time if you are dedicated to your business. If indeed you feel interested in starting a handicraft business, do it now! Good luck!

Take advantage of technology by becoming freelance writers

Do you feel you have good writing skills? Do you think that you have a passion for writing? If so, do not you waste your ability. Immediately take advantage of its capacity to make money even if you are still a teenager.

Today, millions of websites are on the internet. A website will be meaningless if there is no content. Well, site owners are often lazy or overwhelmed in filling the content on their website. Finally, they choose a shortcut, that is by buying articles from the services of content writers or freelance writers.

If you do not know where you can offer your writing services, you can register and use sites like, and much more. Please do your exploration on Google.

If you love to write and you can earn money from your writing hobby, hmmm it feels your job is a job that will not be hard for you to do. Good luck!

Open tutoring services

Hey, are you an expert in one or more of the subjects at school? If so, why not try to use your skills? From this business opportunity, you can reap a good profit.

Open up private lessons that you can offer to parents who feel their child needs extra tutoring to improve their child’s achievement. How? are you interested? Open now. Good luck!

Social media to make money

In this very practical era, the internet is a mainstay in many ways. An example is the existence of social media. One of them is Instagram. Why, what’s wrong with Instagram?

There is an ideal chance that can be obtained from Instagram for you teenagers who want to earn extra money. Currently, many large companies and individuals using Instagram to promote their products. You can get positive benefits from this if you are keen to see opportunities.

To be able to get money from opportunities in Instagram, you must create an Instagram account and look for followers as much as possible. Your Instagram must be active and regularly create new and exciting content. That way, your Instagram follower will increase. If you already have a lot of followers, you can open endorse services to promote the products of others / other parties through your Instagram post.

If possible, try to plan the target follower that you seek. Suppose you want to hook the follower in a beauty niche. Then you should create an Instagram account that focuses on everything about beauty.

If your posts and follower followers are targeted, then the chances of capturing the advertisers will be even greater. For example, there are parties who want to endorse about facial beauty products. Good luck!

Well, that’s some pretty ideal Small Business Ideas for Teens. The point is, try and never give up. If you encounter obstacles at the start of running your business, face it, and that’s the process you should experience.